The Congenie Group

I've built my business on three foundational pillars: education, honesty, and dedication. From there, my clients have come to know me as a dependable source of information and results. It's my goal to ensure everyone has a truly exceptional experience when buying or selling a home. 

Complimentary Consultations for Buyers & Sellers

Consultations are designed to prepare you so you know exactly what to expect, when to expect it, and approximately how much it's going to cost. We cover all aspects of the home buying or selling process including contracts, disclosures, earnest money, home inspection, and more. 

Compass Concierge

Compass Concierge is the hassle-free way to sell your home faster and for a higher price with fewer days on the market. By using Compass Concierge, we can maximize the potential value of your greatest asset. From staging to roofing, and everything in between, Compass Concierge transforms your home with no upfront costs, no interest, and no hidden fees. 

Bridge Loans

Compass Bridge Loans can help you leverage the money currently tied up in your old house and use it to facilitate the transition to a new home — ie. a down payment or mortgage payments. Once your old home sells, you can use the proceeds to pay the bridge loan back. In a competitive market such as this, Compass Bridge Loans are most frequently used to avoid submitting home-sale contingent offers on the new house.  

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